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Modify Your Computer Loading Screen During A Boot

The people over at XDA claim that changing one’s boot animations can be as fun as changing themes, icons, and various other ways of customizing your desktop experience. Although, they admit that modifying boot animations is no easy task.

When you opt to replace that stock Windows loading bar with a customized animation, you may discover that you do not like the new animation and want to flash back to stock, this creates a bit of a time hassle.

Thankfully, a member from the XDA forum by the name of despotovski01 has created an application with a guide that allows computer users to try boot animations on your PC before going through with the real deal.

You can find the entire guide, here. Even if you are new to computer modifications, the guide seems easy enough to follow.

Let us know how it goes for you and tweet something @techmento or follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/techmento and share your experiences with the rest of the Techmento community. See the video below for an example of a modified boot animation.

Photo Courtesy of inju
Photo Courtesy of masterbob