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Kisai Kaidoku: A New Way To Tell Time

A new unique watch has just been unveiled by Tokyoflash Japan, and it’s called the Kisai Kaidoku. Submitted to the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog by a 15 year-old kid from Canada (Tynan Mayhew), it’s the second fan-submitted watch design to make it from concept to execution.

The LCD stainless steel watch displays the date and time using flashing words. Although the watch can let a child get away without learning how to read a traditional clock, we recommend getting your son a regular wrist watch for his birthday.

Like many other watches, the Kisai Kaidoku features an alarm mode, EL backlighting (for those crazy night missions), and it comes with a genuine leather strap (no rubber here, folks!). The watch comes with either a purple, green, or blue LCD and costs $139.

If you buy it today, you can get it for $119 for a limited time only. The video demonstrates how the watch works, although I have to admit it seems a bit hard to read at first- you simply have to look at the flashing words to tell the time.

I am not sure this is a good watch to have on you when you are tired or jet lagged or when you just wake up in the morning and suffer from blurry vision, but hey, to each its own.

Photo Courtesy of gmag
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