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Microsoft Gives Green Light To Hack Your Windows Phone

Microsoft has traditionally not been too friendly with people messing around with its products but they have recently changed their position, at least when it comes to their mobile phones. Microsoft has given its users the “all okay” when it comes to loading Mango on Windows Mobile devices, but warned that doing so would void the warranty.

This is great news for people who still have Windows Mobile phones. Although Windows Mobile looks nice, it’s prone to freezing and glitching and causes its consumers a royal nightmare. Getting the green light to port directly to Mango may be the end of frustrations for many.

Now, this isn’t to say that they are going to support Windows Mobile phones to run the new Windows Phone 7 OS, they just won’t punish you for doing so. Also, there’s a good chance that Mango will run better on the hardware it was designed to work on than some older Windows device. That said, if you’re sick of Windows Mobile but can’t afford to ditch your phone, we welcome you to try it.

I haven’t had the opportunity to play with Mango yet so let me know what you think of the new OS at www.facebook.com/techmento or follow us on Twitter @techmento.

Photo Courtesy of frigo
Photo Courtesy of carnero