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NASA Shuttle Embarks On Final Mission

NASA has launched its space shuttle, Atlantis into space today, making for the last mission ever on NASA’s shuttle program. Even though the weather conditions were less than ideal, the countdown continued, and before you know it, our beloved space shuttle was launched.

The launch took off at the NASA Kennedy Space Center at Launch Pad 39A at 11:26AM Eastern, while a million pairs of eyes saw the remarkable man-made device launch into space.

After 135 launches over the past three decades, NASA will finally retire its program. The most recent launch on Atlantis embarks on a 12-day flight with the primary goal to deliver a year’s worth of supplies and spare parts to the orbiting lab.

The astronauts will deliver a remarkable 9,500 pounds of cargo to the station, and will try out their Robotic Refueling experiment in which they will test whether robots can refuel the satellites in orbit.

The last mission also marks the first time that iPhones will ever be going to space. Why exactly? The astronauts will use the iPhone’s apps to help them conduct their experiments, and you know this will be good publicity for Apple-not like they needed it anyways!

The end of the era marks the beginning of a new one, and I cannot wait to see what the next 50 years bring us in space exploration.

Photo Courtesy of nemethd
Photo Courtesy of undertow