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PDFs Pose Threat In iOS Devices

It recently came to light that a security hole in iOS means users could potentially find their iDevices infected with malware if they open dodgy attachments.

Users are particularly vulnerable when they view Portable Document Format, or PDF, files, which give attackers an opportunity to infect the devices with malicious software, giving them administrative rights to the device.

The same could occur when opening a website that carries an infected PDF file, possibly opening the device to criminals spying on passwords, planners, photos, text messages, emails and even listen in on phone conversations.

Flaws in the software running those devices came to light after a German security agency warned that criminals could use them to steal confidential data off the devices.

Internet-connected mobile devices are still subject to fewer attacks than personal computers, but they could eventually prove a juicy target for hackers because they are warehouses of confidential banking, email, calendar, contact and other data.

Software vulnerabilities are discovered all the time. What makes the latest discovery alarming is that the weaknesses are already being actively exploited – albeit in a consensual way.

Apple, the world’s largest tech products company by market value, said on Thursday that it is working on a fix that will be distributed in an upcoming software upgrade.

Now, is it Apple’s turn to fall prey to the hands of hackers?

Photo Courtesy of Willem van Bergen
Photo Courtesy of kiroujin.Manshiro Ogikubo