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Sony Retires Production Of MiniDisc Players

Sony announced today that it will be cancelling its MiniDisc player. Laughably, I haven’t seen or heard of a mini disc player for the past 5 years so I had assumed they were already out of production, but I guess not!

The recordable 1GB Hi-MD discs that it uses will be cancelled a year from today. Hopefully not too many purchased one of these mini-disc players recently, but to be honest, I haven’t even seen them in stores.

Sony simply stated that demand had decreased and that flash media players have swept the industry by storm. You can expect that companies will still sell their old inventories at discount rates, but rest assured, you will be buying a dying product.

Mini Discs were first launched in 1992, and the Nintendo Gamecube made use of these discs, although the trend never caught on with Microsoft’s Xbox or Sony’s PlayStation 2 (or 3).

Another burden is that the mini discs cannot read MP3s or AAC files (the two most common music formats found today.) The news of this kind of makes you wonder whether CD players will have the same fate within the next five years.

With portable flash media becoming increasingly cheaper, I would have to say that CDs may see the end of their life as well. It will definitely be a trip to hear a younger generation ask what a ‘CD’ is in 20 years.

Photo Courtesy of imelda
Photo Courtesy of mstephens