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Tablet Typing May Curb Slate PC Sales?

When you read about a new tablet that has just been manufactured, the first things you probably attend to are the camera megapixels, the amount of memory the device has, whether the processor is single core or dual core, and of course, the operating system.

But while computer specs are always important, they may not be the only thing you should consider before buying a new tablet PC. In a study conducted by a UK-based tech firm called Glasgow, it was found that 44% of tablet owners are frustrated when it comes to typing documents larger than 500 words.

Other key frustrations included battery life (36%), limited connectivity (23%), not enough apps (19%), and finally no flash, at 3%.

So what is it about tablet typing that makes it so frustrating? Well, according to the surveyors, the frustrations arise from the virtual keyboard not recording all the keystrokes, or the user missing keys when they attempt to touch type as they would on a normal keyboard.

The proposed solution is that computer companies make their screens more responsive to keyboard input, but of course, a virtual keyboard can also be “too responsive.”

Since the exact science is hard to formulate, analysts predict that tablet PCs may in fact lose their popularity as consumers begin to realize the burden of typing on their new devices.

Photo Courtesy of johnk
Photo Courtesy of isriya