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How To Enjoy A Brand New Macbook For $500

The answer is quite simple, buy an iPad 2 and get a keyboard accessory for it. With Apple’s new Keyboard Case for the iPad, you are not only getting a protective shell to house your new computer investment, but you can also use it as a keyboard and tablet stand.

Okay, so it’s obviously not going to be an i7 powered laptop, we get that. But if you are truly in love with iOS, this might be an affordable alternative to getting a macbook, at least until your funds grow a bit.

The keyboard itself looks quite beautiful and very mac-esque. After just learning about the frustrations that many experience when typing on a tablet, it is refreshing to know that you can get a full-sized keyboard to power out all those important e-mails that have been recently piling up. Don’t take my word for it, see the videos below to see the true meaning of convenience.

Photo Courtesy of Outsider