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Giant 407 Sq Meter LED Screen Is Mounted In Beijing

Thanks to a collaboration between Barco LiveDots and Beijing’s famous Blue Island Tower, the building enjoys an awesome new upgrade. What kind of upgrade, you ask? Why, a 407 square meter display which uses the latest and greatest TF-20 outdoor display technology.

The new screen stands a high 32 meters above the ground and is mounted on the top of the tower. The screen looks simply stunning, and after seeing it, you’re going to wish that all billboards are replaced with LED screens.

But what makes the display so beautiful is its 16-bit processing technology that provides twice the color and a deeper resolution rather than a traditional LED screen, and when you’re spending thousands of dollars on advertising, don’t you want your message to look at its very best?

As technology gets more affordable, we may see all billboards eventually replaced with LED screens, but I think we are a couple decades away from that point.

The one good thing about making that transition though, would be the lack of graffiti over the LED screens, or do you think taggers would spraypaint over an LED screen?

Shoot, who knows, just imagine how cool it would be if someone hacked the LED screen and deliver an anonymous threat, like what was done in the anime, Ghost In The Shell (shown below).

Photo Courtesy of instablog
Photo Courtesy of celikens