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Hewlett Packard Provides Robust Network For BMW

The world’s largest computer maker, HP, had announced yesterday that it will be partnering up with German car manufacturer BMW. The partnership will mean that BMW will benefit from HP’s networking architecture.

We’re not sure what the partnership will have on HP sales, but one can assume that sales would rise given the prestige BMW currently holds as being one of the top luxury car makers.

No news was given on whether BMW will incorporate HP’s technology in future cars, but given the way in which partnerships usually work, I would assume so.

I am still waiting for the day where they can embed Intel i7 computers into the car itself. So long as the embedded computers would only function while the car is stationary, I don’t think it would be a safety issue.

Getting back on topic though, BMW expects HPs robust network security to improve their current operations, and the partnership comes just weeks after the United States was hit with a series of cyber attacks.

I just hope BMW isn’t the only one looking to improve their network security. It seems to me that other companies are just standing by and waiting for something to happen before they take action. This translates into a sad story for the consumers who trust companies with their personal data.

Photo Courtesy of chu
Photo Courtesy of john