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Is An iPod Touch 3G On The Way ?

The iPod Touch could soon ship with a 3G antenna, bringing the consistently popular MP3 and media player one step closer to the more full-featured iPhone.

That’s the rumor this week from a Dutch tech site called Apple Spot, which claims that consumers would purchase SIM cards from their providers, and snap those SIM cards right into the back of the iPod Touch. And look there! You’ve got 3G.

There’s no doubt that the iPod touch is a phenomenal device. Steve Jobs has often referred to it as “an iPhone without a Phone” and this is actually true.

The iPod touch closely resembles the iPhone as it has the same screen size and roughly the same dimensions. It lets you enjoy the iOS goodness, the fun of a plethora of apps from the App Store while being an amazing portable music player with long lasting battery.

So,what will be the difference between such a device and an iPhone ? So far Apple has distanced the two products by cutting out a GPS receiver, and offering a lower-quality camera and display.

But at the same time Apple has also slowly added hardware features like sensors and cameras to make sure that the iPod Touch users can take advantage of applications that will run on both.

Apple is expected to unveil its new crop of iPods in September, right around when multiple reports have pegged the debut of the next-generation iPhone. In that sense, this 3G claim–even if it’s just a rumor–represents a big, exciting change for the top end of the iPod product line.

Photo Courtesy of Sean Choe
Photo Courtesy of bizmac