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iPhone 5 Leaked In China ?

With evidence mounting that the iPhone 5 is coming in the fall, here is some more fuel for the fire.

A new Chinese case design has been found on Alibaba.com, which is a business-to-business trading site for Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, claiming to be for the iPhone 5G. It is worth taking a look at as Chinese manufacturers often get design specs before the official launch.

Brian White, an analyst for Ticonderoga Securities, says that a China Mobile iPhone could “represent a watershed for Apple” giving the company access to 611 million wireless subscribers and 68% of China’s wireless market.

Samsung Electronics in Korea currently manufactures Apple’s A4 iPhone 4 and iPad 1 processors and the A5 processors used in the iPad 2 and soon the iPhone 5 as well if events unfold as widely expected.

However, with Apple suing Samsung over an unrelated matter, the two companies can be regarded as feuding frenemies at best, so it isn’t surprising that Apple might be seeking an alternate supplier for its iOS device processor silicon.

Furthermore, Wall Street Journal blogger Loretta Chao reports that a China Mobile employee named Liu Yang had spilled the beans on Sina Weibo, a Twitter-style Chinese micro-blogging network, although the post was soon deleted.

China mobile’s friendship with Apple has now begin to look serious. But is it that serious that Apple would release the iPhone first in China?

Photo Courtesy of Yutaka Tsutano
Photo Courtesy of superstrikertwo