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Microsoft Signs Android Patent Deal With Wistron

Microsoft announced the fourth patent-licensing deal in two weeks with a maker of Android devices, announcement timed perhaps to suggest that it has some momentum for its claims that Google’s mobile operating system violates Microsoft’s patents.

Wistron Corp, a spinoff of Acer, is the latest company to make an agreement with Microsoft in a string of lawsuits and royalty clashes that’s spanned the course of two months.

The patent agreement will allow Wistron to use some of Microsoft’s patent portfolio.

Wistron manufacturers tablets, mobile phones, e-readers and other devices running Android and Chrome OS. Microsoft refused to give the details of the deal but did indicate that the company will receive royalties from Wistron under the agreement.

The deal is also notable as it offers patent protection for devices that run Google’s Chrome operating system. In May, Google unveiled its instant-on Chromebook notebook computers that run its newest operating system, and the first units began selling last month. Google declined to comment on the Wistron agreement.

Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Motorola in October, claiming their Android handsets infringed nine Microsoft patents.

As Android gains in popularity, Microsoft teams adult with Nokia to plea Google and Apple Inc. in a smartphone marketplace with a Windows mobile software.

Photo Courtesy of isriya
Photo Courtesy of Tama Leaver