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Windows 8 Build 8042 Compiled

Windows 8 is still being worked on, getting some major kinks ironed out in hopes of a smooth April 2012 launch, as the company had earlier said. However, a new Milestone 3 Build had just been completed and was compiled on July 7th.

The most recent build was unsuccessful in fixing all the broken features but expects a refresh by the next build. The most recent build was focused on perfecting the new user interface and ensuring its functionality.

I think the last thing we all want to see is a constant “Windows Explorer crash” as was seen on early versions of Windows Vista when it had just come out.

While Microsoft continues to squash bugs for a successful Windows 8 launch, consumers are likely to jump on board with the next operating system at the release of the second service pack.

The company is also working on a bunch of new Live services as well as a seamless integration with Windows 8. Currently the two are not synchronized with each other. I’ll be excited to see what the build looks like by the end of this year as I am sure it will have information about the cloud.

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Photo Courtesy of louis
Photo Courtesy of esparta