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Anonymous Plans Largest Attack In Four Years

And just when we thought we were done with the Anonymous hacks, at least when they posted an official “letter of resignation” we had thought so, yet the hacks continue on. This time, Anonymous has threatened to attack the UK judiciary system and Metropolitan Police.

The rogue group calls its planned attack the “biggest day ever”. According to various sources, the attack will occur tomorrow, on Tuesday and will be massive.

I can only hope that the UK government is taking this threat seriously and is ramping up protective measures against any potential cyber attacks. Given the massive destruction to the major gaming companies, it would not be wise to shrug these cyber threats aside.

Anonymous claims that it is targeting police because they had taken money from News International reports and are also angry over the phone hacking scandal.

Twitter account, @anonymouSabu, believed to belong to Sabu, a leading member of the collective posted: “ATTN: Tomorrow will be two of the biggest releases for Anonymous in the last 4 years. Everyone brace. This is literally explosive…IT’S COMING! GET READY. INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY BRACE YOURSELVES.”

I just hope that if the attacks do go through, that innocent citizens won’t have any personal data leaked as what was done with Sony and Xbox Live accounts, and just when I was getting bored of all the attention, here they come prancing around again. See the video to get an idea of these script kiddies.

Photo Courtesy of gael
Photo Courtesy of matt