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Apple To Debut ‘HD+’ 1080p iTunes Movie Services Later This Year?

AppleInsider reports that Apple may be preparing to begin supporting 1080p movies in its iTunes Store later this year, based on reports of film studios submitting films to Apple in a new “HD+” format at the higher resolution.

Apple has resisted 1080p for its iTunes videos and even the current version of Apple TV because the company claims it will slow down streaming speeds, which could degrade your viewing experience more than the extra resolution could improve it.

In fact, Apple has even resisted putting Blu-ray drives into its Mac computers.

In addition to this new HD+ format, there are rumors that Apple is working on a new upgraded version of Apple TV that will output at 1080p.

The current model can accept 1080p, but downscales to 720p because of a lack of processing power. An upgraded processor will solve that problem, and allow Apple TV to support the new HD+ format that’s been sneaking into the iTunes Store.

This upgrade to 1080p comes hot on the heels of Apple’s iOS 5 announcement and beta, where users found that iOS 5 contains a video player that can play and sync 1080p content on the iPad 2.

It’s likely that the rumored Apple TV upgrade will use the same A5 processor that allows the iPad 2 to play 1080p content.

What do you think? Is this how Apple plans to sell more Apple TVs, by making the HD rental feature exclusive to the product?

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