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Dell Works On i5 Windows Tablet W/ Full HD

We’ve just got word that Dell may be working on a new tablet (not pictured), this time of Windows-flavor. The company had previously released the Dell Streak, and more recently, the Dell Streak Pro, which both ran on Google’s Android operating system.

The idea of a Windows tablet may seem exciting to some, but many have already abandoned the idea of owning a Dell tablet, after many reports of a weak battery life and general underperformance from the company.

But if you’re one of those people who likes giving second chances, take a look at the spec sheet. The new device will rock a 10.1″ FULL HD screen, at 1920 x 1080 resolution with Anti-Glare Gorilla glass.

If that super sharp resolution didn’t catch your eye, maybe 4GB of DDR RAM will. And if you’re still on the fence, know that this device will come with a 64GB or 128GB SSD.

With roaring specs like these, it kinda puts the 1.3MP front-facing camera to shame, but thankfully the rear 5MP camera makes up for the sub-par video cam.

The gadget also comes with two USBs, mini VGA, HDMI, microSD, and your standard audio ports. The pixel density is 218ppi (pixels per inch) and it offers a resolution twice as good as the iPad 2.

This gadget is CLEARLY the top contender to the iPad HD we are expecting for a later release this year, and if you were holding off on buying a tablet, now’s the time.

Photo Courtesy of nseika
Photo Courtesy of emerson