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Fujitsu Showcases Next Generation Epaper

Fujitsu has released their next generation cholesteric LCD color E-paper and have demonstrated its capabilities at the International Digital Publishing Exposition in Tokyo, Japan.

The company showcased the new E-paper module on the FLEPia color device that they have in development. For a prototype, it works pretty darn good, sans the 0.7 second lag.

The display currently projects roughly 4,096 colors, although Fujitsu is certain that if they reduce the writing speed, they can make a full color display.

Currently, the device can showcase JPEG, PDF, and EPUB files on the 8″ screen with a resolution of 157dpi (dots per inch), a higher resolution than the current iPad 2.

The contrast ratio is 8:1, and has a reflection greater than 34%. The device itself is quite thin, and given the relatively recent birth of the new technology, I think we can expect great things in the long term.

If you’re unfamiliar with the industry’s goals with Epaper, we hope to one day have many things use the low-power medium. We cannot keep wasting paper that is made from trees- we must eventually switch to Epaper.

Of course, there are problems with pollution since Epaper doesn’t have an unlimited lifespan. Thus, new technologies require that our current electronic recycling practices improve or change in some way. Check out the video to learn more!

Photo Courtesy of ggadgets
Photo Courtesy of everton