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Google Plus Runs Out Of Space And Spams Users

In a quick succession, several Google Plus users were bombarded with multiple email notifications spamming their inbox due to a coding error after which the service that kept track of Google Plus notification system ran out of disk space.

Since its launching in a limited field test two weeks ago, Google Plus has captured “millions” of users. The social party began with mostly tech journalists and tech insiders, before Google had to shut down invites. Google briefly re-opened the social network to the public last Thursday.

Google says it has to throttle invites as it continues to fix bugs and ensure that its infrastructure is reliable and fast enough to handle scale. The gradual opening is a stark contrast to the “tens of millions” who joined Google Buzz within two days.

Of course, accidental spam like this is better than being hit by spam containing Viagra adverts, phishing messages and malicious links – but it’s still a nuisance and precisely the kind of irritating bug that is likely to upset users.

It’s pretty embarrassing for Google Plus to suffer from such a bug – you can hardly imagine how the site could conceivably “run out of disk space”, even if it is still technically undergoing trials.

Photo Courtesy of Umbrovskis.com
Photo Courtesy of Numinosity (by Gary J Wood)