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Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox360 Console

Are you a Star Wars fan and need a reason to replace that RRoD’d Xbox360 you have laying in the corner collecting dust? Well, we may just have a solution for you. The new Xbox 360 Star Wars edition is expected to hit US markets later this year, or perhaps during the first quarter of 2012.

So what’s new about this limited edition Xbox? Well, the hardware is pretty much the same you can expect on previous versions, except this one also has a Kinect sensor that will allow you to bypass the extra $150 for a second module.

The console is also expected to ship out with a popular gaming title, probably something STAR WARS related although we don’t have any credible tips as to which game it may be.

Unfortunately, we aren’t equipped with any leaked images so you’ll just have to wait till it comes out. The word on the street is that the console will feature R2 D2, but I have an itching suspicion that we may see Darth Vader on the console.

If you had a say in the matter, which Star Wars character would you like to see on the new Xbox 360? Ping us your thoughts at facebook.com/techmento or reach out to us @techmento on Twitter!

Photo Courtesy of egen
Photo Courtesy of david