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Spotify Comes To U.S. Residents, Perhaps For A Facebook Debut?

Spotify, a Swedish DRM-based music streaming service includes both major labels such as Sony, EMI, and Universal, and independent labels. The startup was launched in October of 2008, and I am please to announce that the service will soon be available to U.S. customers.

The announcement was actually made earlier in the month when Spotify had confirmed that it would come to the U.S., although it had not provided a specific launch date.

And now, according to Mashable, we discover that the music streaming company will actually be arriving the U.S. residents later this week! And even if you’re a Pandora listener, you might be interested to note that Spotify allows its subscribers to stream specific songs, where as Pandora only plays related music (based on the Music Genome Project) to the song or artist you specify on a given ‘station’.

Spotify already carries over 10 million users in Europe and is rumored to be working with Facebook to integrate its music service directly into the Facebook interface.

To add excitement to this bit of news, the company also said that it had brought in $100 million from investors in a round of fundraising, generating massive buzz for the music company. Will the Facebook/Spotify duo smash Google+ & Co.? We will soon find out!

Photo Courtesy of andreas
Photo Courtesy of alleus