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The Man Behind Galaxy S II Leaves Samsung

Omar Khan the CTO at Samsung Mobile and the Godfather of Galaxy series is quitting Samsung to head mobile initiatives on a global basis at CitiGroup.

Khan has been working hard for Samsung Mobile and we can all agree lately he has done a pretty stellar job. The Galaxy S line was the number one selling smartphone in America and extremely popular around the world, and the Galaxy S II is even better and has caught plenty of peoples attention, us included.

Khan’s role at Samsung was to plan, market and manage new products, content and services. He was a staple at most Samsung press conferences, where he introduced new products such as the original Galaxy S line, the Infuse 4G, Galaxy Tab, and more.

Omar Khan was obviously a key component of Samsung’s strategy and it’s strange, after all this time and success, to see him go. We wish him the best, of course, but it has us wondering about Samsung Mobile’s future.

Obviously they don’t want to divert too far from the groundwork that Omar has laid out.

Still, there’s no telling how much his departure will affect Samsung Mobile in the grand scheme of things.

It’ll be an interesting 2nd half of 2011, for sure. As for Omar, his exciting new venture with CitiGroup begins next week.

Photo Courtesy of varunkrish
Photo Courtesy of SjoerdvW