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Classified Military Information Leaked!

Ever since the infamous hacking cluster ‘LulzSec’ has gone off the scene, several other groups are in charge of where they left off, inflicting chaos around the globe.

A villainous hacking group recognized as Anonymous struck once again, leaking classified military information.

The group commenced an attack on the world’s intelligence community and has gained a hefty amount of data. For your information, the intelligence community consists of government agencies like FBI, CIA, Mi6, KGB (Russian agency).

They have highly classified information in their databases and recent hits of the Anonymous group have pulled up some vital information.

Anonymous’ first release is over 90 thousand military Emails, 4 Gigs of source code, login IDs and information they could bring into play to slash the intelligence community’s digital network.

They got their hands on all this data by hacking Booz Allen Hamilton, A Strategy and Technology Consulting Firm, so now you know who to blame for having poor network security!

The files have been uploaded to different sites including various torrent sites. Although the leak is embarrassing for Booz Allen Hamilton, the post-hack effect could easily set up the brass tax for thriving ‘spear phishing’ attacks, aiming at the unpublished U.S military and government emails.

A spokesman for Booz Allen Hamilton said the firm’s policy is not to comment on “specific threats or actions taken against our system.”

The latest attack follows recent raids by police forces in Spain, Turkey and Italy that resulted in the arrest of suspected members of Anonymous.

Photo Courtesy of goblin
Photo Courtesy of drew