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Facebook Is About To Launch A Music Service Called Vibes

The rumor has been around for a while that Facebook is preparing to offer a musical service to their 750 million members. According to their proclamations, Facebook isn’t looking at becoming a content provider but will provide a social layer to the infrastructure to allow another player use their interface.

It would be hard to imagine Facebook taking on the sector by themselves after Mark Zuckerberg’s recent declarations.

The CEO and co-founder criticized “large companies” who wanted to do everything themselves. This was a criticism aimed directly at Google during the announcement of a partnership agreement with Skype for video calls in Facebook.

It is in this video call function that a software developer identified code relating to a service code named Facebook Vibes.

According to PC Mag, software engineer named Jeff Rose found a set of mysterious codes and blogged about it, claiming that Facebook could be planting a new app to support a music service, with unknown structure and service style, but could be the upcoming product of Facebook to rival other music services including Google’s Music and Apple’s iCloud storage that supports cloud music streaming and iTunes in the cloud.

Do you think that FB may launch a music service? Or could it be just a remnant of code meant for a defunct product?

Photo Courtesy of Jakob Steinschaden
Photo Courtesy of lecasio