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Beware, New Facebook ‘Casey Anthony’ Scam

Watch out Facebook users! It looks like we have another Facebook scam. This time it’s about Casey Anthony.

If you’ve recently come across a video entitled “Breaking News – Leaked video of Casey Anthony CONFESSING”, do not get carried away and click it-it’s a complete hoax.

This new Facebook scam makes it obvious why the social network is such a productive ground for scammers to mark.

Weeks back Casey Anthony was found, not guilty for murdering her 2 year old daughter.

Technology experts say the link takes you to a fake video streaming site similar to Youtube and thus tricks you into a survey, that pays scammers money for each additional survey that is completed.

After completing the survey, you are redirected to a TV report which Casey Anthony not being guilty of murdering her two-years-old-child.

Actually clicking on the link shares it on your news feed and thus it starts circulating among your friends and many more Facebook users.

It’s not malware that can directly harm your computer but it is kind of annoying and would irritate Facebook users.

So if you get hit by it, don’t panic. The simple recommended steps are: remove the entry from your news feed and make sure that your profile does not have any unwanted ‘likes’ under your ‘likes and interests’, and you are good to go.

Photo Courtesy of ValleyLibrary
Photo Courtesy of pshab