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Meet Motorola’s New Spice & Fire Android Phones

Motorola is currently working on a new ‘candybar style’ Android smartphone. For all you texters, and e-mail fanatics, note that the phone does in fact have a QWERTY keyboard, although from the looks of it, it looks a bit hard to use, unless you have small fingers.

The phone will officially launch as the Motorola Spice and will be appropriately first arrive in South America. The phone will later be rebranded the Motorola Fire and will also launch in Europe.

The hardware itself is quite standard, providing a 2.8″ QVGA touchscreen and a rear 3MP camera, this is an entry level Froyo device for those who want to get a piece of the Google OS pie.

Boasting 8 hours of talk time, and one full month of standby time, this phone will ideal for traveling or for extended periods away from a charger or outlet.

The European FIRE version will release with Android Gingerbread, but it’s rumored that the Spice will receive an update when made available. No clue on pricing just yet, but expect to pay around $300 without a contract or $49 with a 2 yr agreement.

And as for a U.S. release? We can’t be too sure on that yet, especially given the current number of Motorola Android devices available, but time will tell. Hit us up at facebook.com/techmento and let us know if this phone is for you!

Photo Courtesy of androidcommunity
Photo Courtesy of androidcommunity