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Pandora Gets A Whole New Look, Switches To HTML5

If you’re into online radio, you’ve probably heard of Pandora. The company had an initial public offering just a few weeks ago, and are now going through a massive restructure that will unveil itself very soon.

To start, subscribers will be slowly but steadily gaining access to the new site on a rolling basis, so it’s hard to give an exact launch date of Pandora’s new interface. The site will first be available to Pandora One customers.

While the CTO of Pandora states that Pandora simply needed a “fresh coat of paint”, I have an itching suspicion that there are other motives involved, perhaps to boost Pandora’s wobbly stock share price?

But it’s not just a color scheme makeover that Pandora will be receiving, they will finally break their dependence on Flash, and will switch entirely to HTML5 code. This will likely prove to be excellent news for 32-bit Firefox users, running on 64-bit systems (who are the most prone to Flash crashes in Pandora).

Supposedly, the new site also loads a lot faster than the old flash-based site, which may also be music to ears of those running on slower web connections.

Some new features include a music control bar that lets users navigate through the site and more screen real-estate to view full lyrics to your favorite song that just so happened to start playing. We look forward to the actual launch of the service, which will be made available to everyone by the end of this month.

Photo Courtesy of techcrunch
Photo Courtesy of techcrunch