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Be A Pro With The New iDJ Live!

And it’s Numark this time. Numark’s new iDJ Live is a gadget that will take music to a new level. Combining iPad with iDJ Live will bring some real life to your party.

iDJ Live has also been released for the iPhone and iPod touch. This iOS-Dj controller connects to your iPad and thus it uses the music that already is in the device already.

The gadget features a 30-pin connection to the iPad itself and has a central mixer section with a cross fader, buttons and knobs, a stand for the iPad, two large feat platters, and an audio cable for connecting to a sound system and headphones.

It helps you polish your D-jay skillz, without going for the costly professional equipment, by providing full Treble and Bass control.

The interface is user friendly, allowing you to browse your music library fast via Djay for iPad.

Numark together with Algoriddim makaes sure that Djay mixes your music, records mixes on-the-go, or enables Auto-mix mode and lets the application mix your favorite playlist.

iDJ Live will mainly shoot for the people who fantasize to be a professional dj, and those who can’t afford to buy the costly professional D-jaying equipment, and even those who want to party hardy!

Numark’s iDJ Live is now available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for $99.95.

Now, You can turn the heat up in no time!

Photo Courtesy of oct
Photo Courtesy of Bird