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Security Firm CloudFlare Raises $20 Million In Funding

A web security startup, dubbed CloudFlare has just raised $20 million in series B funding led by New Enterprise Associates. The San Francisco startup plans on using the money to hire more manpower and fuel its infrastructure.

If you’ve never heard of CloudFlare before, it’s basically a cloud-based software program that helps protect websites from vicious attacks such as DoS (Denial of Service) and other types of cyber attacks.

Although you might think $20 million is a bit much, it’s not as large of a number when you factor in how much money can be saved from preventing attacks in the long run. Companies affected by cyber attacks can often lose billions of dollars to recover their networks, especially if the companies are as large as Sony.

And after the series of cyber attacks we have experienced, I think this was the perfect time for people to jump on the “safehouse bandwagon”. People take comfort in having peace of mind and a sense of security, and with CloudFlare, they get exactly that.

CloudFlare is quite young, having launched just last September, yet the company is already enjoying 7 billion page views per month, with 10% of Internet users worldwide having passed through a website protected by CloudFlare. We wish them tons of luck for their future growth, although they probably don’t need it.

Photo Courtesy of techcrunch
Photo Courtesy of lucas