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Single Charger For Multiple Batteries!

Isn’t it truly exasperating that every camera of the same brand needs a different charger for charging its batteries?

Carrying chargers for each and every single battery is niggling and a solution is needed.

Mizco International has come up with the solution, the DIGIPOWER TC-55 Digital Camera Travel Charger Series, these chargers are designed to charge every battery from a particular manufacturer.

The customer simply inserts the camera battery into the slot and the TC-55 begins charging.

It is efficient and energy-saving. Its portability is the highlight.

TC-55 Digital Camera Travel Charger also works as a USB AC wall charger for recharging cell phones and other mobile devices.

The Charger’s feature 90-240 Volts AC for worldwide use and it comes with a European Union adaptor, as well as a flip-up plug for tow, stow, and travel.

It is handy, flexible, powerful and ground-breaking.

What’s more, the Travel Charger is wiry enough to fit in a shirt pocket.

The TC-55 is available for all models of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fuji, Kodak, Casio, Panasonic, and Samsung digital cameras.

It will cost $49.95 and because of its generic charging feature and its size, it is ranked DIGIPOWER top in retail camera battery and charger sales.

Photo Courtesy of sparkie
Photo Courtesy of Yaleman