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Tutorspree Adapts To Users’ Needs, Rolls Out Improved Find Feature

If you haven’t already heard about Tutorspree, you may be missing out! Tutorspree is a great way to find the best qualified tutors in your area, without worrying about all the hassles that come with meeting with a new tutor.

For example, when a user registers with Tutorspree, he or she inputs their financial information in the company’s database, and Tutorspree pays the tutor directly after the tutoring session has taken place, making sure that everything went as planned.

But as with most startups, Tutorspree continues to strive for excellence, and the company has recently rolled out an awesome new feature that gives them more information on their users’ needs.

Previously, when someone signed up on their site and then browsed for tutors, they sometimes ran into an error page that basically stated “no results found”. Although the company offered to keep the user posted through e-mail updates ‘as tutors became available’, it didn’t prove to be successful.

With this in mind, they have developed a new page that is much more specific in the user’s needs. For example, if you’re searching for a tutor in Ohio, the use can simply type www.tutorspree.com/browse/ohio-tutors, and are directed to a page that asks them to specify the subject to be tutored, location, and provide a reason in their own words (e.g. I’ve got an exam coming up, quick!).

Aaron Harris, CEO and Co-founder of Tutorspree, believes that this new module will encourage people to be more specific in citing their needs and believes this new feature to soon become an information hub that will better cater to tutors as well as their students. That said, check out the site and see what you think!

Photo Courtesy of LowerColumbia
Photo Courtesy of zpeckler