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Windows 8 To Support Xbox 360 Games ?

A number of sites are reporting that the Xbox 360 games could be played on the next Windows operating system, Windows 8. While not yet confirmed, it could have many implications if true. Apparently the only thing PC users will have to do is have Windows 8 and pop the Xbox 360 game into their DVD drive and that is it.

However, your PC will still need to be powerful enough to run the games. In addition, if you want to play these games online, PC players will have to buy access into an Xbox Live feature like Xbox 360 users have to.

This could be very good news for all the PC gamers out there who have games they want to play but cannot play on their PC at this time. Games like Red Dead Redemption may now be available to play on the PC thanks to this option.

Windows 8 still has a fair amount of time before release. It could be as far away as late 2012.

With rumors that Microsoft and Sony may be announcing their next generation consoles at that year’s E3, it would make a certain amount of sense to end the 360’s life cycle by bringing its games to a whole new audience.

What do you gamers think? Will you be using this option and will it stop you from buying an Xbox 360?

Photo Courtesy of Leo Reynolds
Photo Courtesy of ீ ๑ Adam