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More Dirt On The Amazon Tablet Surfaces

We’re learning more and more about the upcoming Amazon Android tablet (not pictured), and it’s getting more interesting by the week. As of now, we are expecting the tablet to be released in October of this year, with an expected production line of 1.5 million units.

The tablet will be a bit smaller than you standard 10″, but will stand strong nonetheless with its 9″ screen. The expected 2011 production goal would be around 5 million units, including all quarters, posing a possible ‘risk’ for Apple’s iPad 2 business.

Some analysts believe Amazon is pushing out their own tablet device to help sell digital content. Others speculate that the Amazonian tablet will come with free access to its current video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service for an intro period, and later charge customers.

Considering Amazon’s large music selection, their cloud networking service, and the billions of products they have available on the website, I can see how a tablet would provide an excellent medium to push their other content.

If Amazon was really clever, they would offer 10-20% discounts off selling fees, giving more incentive to consumers to purchase the tablet. Shoot, I know that I occasionally sell stuff on Amazon and the option of having those hefty seller fees reduced would be enough incentive for me!

As the months continue to unwind, we will learn more about what exactly fuels the device, but until then, hang tight folks, it’s coming!

Photo Courtesy of jfingas