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First Ever Eye-Tracking 3D Monitor

Yesterday, LG uncovered the worlds first ever monitor (DX2000) operating eye-track technology to maintain an optimal 3D image from a range of viewing angles.

It is a rebellion in the 3D world. Although people are very slow to take up the 3D display because of high prices, a more grave reason is the high-tech 3D glasses.

The 20-inch D2000 monitor was developed as a fully efficient entertainment display competent of generating games, movies and images in all their levelheaded brilliance.

It also has the epic feature to convert a 2D image or movie into HD 3D, thus adding a new dimension to video play as well as gaming. It is the world’s first 3D TV that employs eye-tracking technology and it eliminates the need of viewing 3D from different angles, and with viewing from every angle, it results in a rich 3D display.

Actually, the eye-tracker tracks the angle and distance of the viewer, accordingly adjusts the display, and results in a smoother feel. Eye tracking works through a special camera sensor on the monitor which identifies changes in the user’s eye position in an instant.

It’s currently is available in Korea (21 inch” monitor) and will expand to markets around the globe later this year.

Photo Courtesy of LGEPR
Photo Courtesy of AV