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Does The Future Of Elegant Tablets Give Stiff Competition For Apple?

I remember when tablets first came out years back, I would talk about them to people who’ve never heard of the term, and I would explain it as a digital notepad. It’s really something to see how tablets have evolved since birth.

We’ve even seen an interesting type of tablet hybrid, dubbed a convertible. Tablet hybrids are great because they offer users a physical keyboard to get any heavy typing or work done in an efficient manner.

While keyboards typically add a bit of weight to the tablet, the flexibility it provides is well worth it for many computer users.

We are lucky enough today to see the work of Jung Dae Hoon, a Korean designer who developed an award-wining concept convertible that has an Apple vibe. Coming with a chic cover, the notebook comes with an independent keyboard, and stylus that acts both as a remote and a pen.

Rather than being a traditional convertible, the tablet is actually separate and is simply attached when the user wants to begin working on his or her physical keyboard. A webcam is located on the top left corner of the LCD screen, giving users a webcam that doesn’t stare them directly in the eyes. Since this is a concept, we have no clue whether it will make it to the market, but we sure hope it will!

Photo Courtesy of techiser
Photo Courtesy of techiser