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Glasses That Can Read Your Emotions!

And now you can’t hide your emotions even since MIT Lab has come up with specs that can read your emotions and display it in a glimpse to the user.

The special glasses were developed by Rosalind Picard, Rana el Kaliouby, and Simon Baron-Cohen. A tiny, half a pea-sized camera is fixed within the frame that recognizes the facial expressions of a person and sends information to a small pocket size computer.

The linked computer then scans the information and calculates how many times they appear and for how long. The camera can track 24 distinct feature points of facial expressions. The data is also sent to the user via headphone.

They actually can help us communicate in a better way with each other and with customers. They can improve our social relations and help us understand others better.

They kind of give you an extra sense which is pretty amusing. One important thing is also, the glasses are not fool-proof and can be tricked if you concentrate enough.

The specs are still been worked on and the accuracy level achieved so far is 64 percent at the time it’s been tested.

Though, it would be a bit controversial because not everybody likes their expressions to be revealed.

Photo Courtesy of sween
Photo Courtesy of Espen