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Katango Helps Facebook Stay Way Ahead Of The Google+

Just like Google, a new start-up called Katango has stepped in to slacken the unease of social connections with work, school, social, family, and other types of contacts online.

Katango automatically detects natural groupings of people on networks like Facebook and automatically creates groups for you and puts them in order.

We wondered why there wasn’t any automatically in social, why with all this technology we were still doing everything manually,” explained Katango co-founder Mike Munie.

The tidy fraction of Katango is that after you log in with your Facebook credentials, the site shoots out quite smart groupings of your friends i.e. a separate group for your family, high school friends, school friends and chat friends. It actually detects similarities due to features like users’ locations, education and interests etc.

Katango has introduced fairly elegant technology. Backed up by a huge $5 million from Kleiner Perkins’s Fund (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) is a world leading venture capital firm). So Katango surely will find a way to expand to many people.

The newly adding features ate helping Facebook to uphold its peak spot in the roll of social networks and the newly launched Google+ is slowly loosing focus of the media ; if Facebook keeps on adding such features, there is no way the Google+ can get nearly half of its users and thus Facebook stays the frontrunner .

Photo Courtesy of Stoney
Photo Courtesy of Day