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Meet UpSling, A Revolutionary Contact Manager App

Ever find it frustrating when you’re trying to get someone’s number in a rush but just don’t have time to grab all the details? Picture this, you’ve just met someone on the subway and you quickly try to exchange details just before they get off on the next stop.

Do you hate having to worry if you missed getting their full number? Did they forget to include an area code, or have a confusing e-mail address? With UpSling, from Deliri Inc, you no longer have to worry about getting the details.

With Upsling, everything is safely stored on the cloud network, and each person who signs up is assigned a Cue (kind of like a unique identifier). Users upload their basic contact information in their contact manager- and that information is kept completely private, immune to Google searches and outside parties.

Since users have all their information stored in their Cue, they are recommended to be selective with who they choose to share their Cue with. A nice feature about the system, is that you can specify how much information certain people can see.

The startup launched just last Friday but the company plans on rolling out an Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone 7 app soon, allowing people to have the perfect contact manager wherever they go.

The system is conceptually brilliant and I can easily see this idea taking off. I am very much awaiting the Android app to come out so I can begin using it on my phone! In the meantime, check em out on Facebook.

Photo Courtesy of firex