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PayPal Rolls Out Phone-To-Phone NFC Support

As the months continue on, NFC becomes less of a hearsay and more of a reality, and PayPal appears to be one of the founding fathers leading the movement. Although Google took a major leap forward when it said that it will support NFC payments, we have yet to see a full rollout on Android devices.

PayPal has just announced something a bit more interesting however, it now supports NFC payments for Android through phone-to-phone contacts. With this system, the need for a contactless reader to read the mobile payment is not needed.

Theoretically, two people could tap their phones to each others device and send payments like that, just as if you were handing someone a $20 bill.

Techcrunch conveniently posted a three step process of how it works, and you can take a peak to see what the future of mobile payments will be like:

Person 1 begins a money send or money request via a homescreen widget
Person 1 and 2 hold their NFC-enabled Android phones together until they vibrate.
Person 2 punches in their pin. Bam! Just like that, the money is transfered. It’s like the Wonder Twins, except instead of rings you have phones and instead of turning into an eagle or a bucket of water you get money.

Photo Courtesy of frostwire