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Windows Mango Delivers 50 FPS On Mobile Phones

It’s truly remarkable what companies can do with HTML5 these days. Just yesterday, we had posted about Pandora finally making the switch to HTML5, after years of running on Adobe Flash- a platform that frequently crashed on certain browsers.

But we haven’t really heard much about HTML5 integration with mobile phones. Well, that’s about to change, and Microsoft is making it clear why Windows 7 Mango is superior to iOS5 beta.

In a video comparing four different phones, we see the vast differences in frame rates amongst the devices. While the BlackBerry clocked 9 frames per second, the Samsung device hit about 20FPS.

The iPhone4 was only able to get about 15FPS, and the Windows Phone, with Mango’s graphics acceleration, the HTC phone was able to get an astonishing 50FPS, a frame rate that would please any PC gamer, let alone a mobile user!

I will admit that Windows isn’t exactly my choice operating system for mobile devices, but I will equally admit how important graphics, resolution, and frame rate mean to me, and being able to view video at such a high frame rate on a mobile phone, is mind blowing.

In fact, I would be willing to buy a Mango phone just for the astonishing frame rate. Would you? Let us know at facebook.com/techmento and if you haven’t ‘liked’ us yet, you know what to do!

Photo Courtesy of msweden
Photo Courtesy of msweden