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Zuckerberg Drops Off The No. 1 Spot On Google+

I suppose Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t too fond of all the publicity that was being generated from his Google+ profile as he recently changed his privacy settings to stop showing his friends and followers.

Zuckerberg, who previously held the top spot on Google+ quickly disappeared from peoples list, leaving many to find the humor in his respect of his own privacy, while Facebook remains a very public and open social network.

Some Google executives also chose anonymity and made their friends and followers also private, and hey- when you’re a top dog in the industry, I can understand wanting a bit of privacy.

And speaking of Google+ changes, Google+ will be rolling out a new feature that will allow people to set their gender as anonymous, which may make some users more comfortable about joining a social network, without worrying about getting too many random messages.

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Photo Courtesy of jd