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New App For iReporter By Apple!

Part-time blogging is gaining interest of people around the globe. iReport is helping make that goal easier for the reporters.

iReport ( I-Report) is CNN’s citizen journalism enterprise that allows people from around the globe to contribute pictures and video of breaking news stories from their own settlements and zones. It was launched in August, 2006.

While iReporters are citizens who are not skilled or engaged as professional journalists, they attempt to publish news and information based on new surveillance, investigation, analysis, examination or inquisition.

Now, Apple is making a move to make the job of an iReporter a lot easier. Apple is focusing on a new iPhone with dual cameras, and a piece of software that will record video simultaneously, allowing the user to seamlessly switch back and forth between the reporter and the interviewee.

The camera detects the lips movement of the person and the phone switches the camera’s position automatically, with a microphone also used to deflect direction of the voice and then automatically switch the corresponding camera. The iPhone generates multiplexed video streams, a separate video stream for both the cameras.

After completing the streaming, the videos can easily be sent to the allied news channels and so with this iReporting-friendly gadget, you can record any incident or disaster and share it with the rest of the world in no time. Apple is doing a great job, don’t you think?

Photo Courtesy of tinou
Photo Courtesy of steve