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Buy Your Business Apps In Bulk From Apple

Apple is launching a new volume app purchasing plan to businesses. The new program is dubbed App Store Volume Purchasing and gives businesses a way to buy mobile applications by 3rd party vendors in volume, through a corporate account.

Now, Apple wants to be clear that the future App Store is not a ‘real app store’ but more like a private website, offering corporations ways to cut back on spending without compromising productivity tools necessary for organizational growth.

In order to qualify, you need just three things. The first is your basic business contact information, including an e-mail and phone number. The e-mail must be a work-related e-mail (no Gmail, Ymail, or Hotmail accounts).

Next on the list is a valid business address that matches the one that shows on Dun & Bradsheet. Finally, you need a DUNS number for the company, based on the Dun & Bradsheet.

Organizations who seek specific productivity tools can search in the search window for what they are looking for, and have the option to download in bulk, with the order total neatly printed besides the number of licenses to be issued. The user is then given codes for as many licenses as are purchased.

It’s quite simply in theory, but it will really help how businesses go about doing their work while balancing a tight budget (something not uncommon during a recession).

Photo Courtesy of jonam
Photo Courtesy of kreep