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Caller ID On T-Mobile, $50 Per Year??

Okay, so I have to admit Caller ID is cool for a number of reasons. I think first and foremost, caller ID is the perfect tool to figure out whether you should take a call or not (especially if you are in a meeting or on the road).

Secondly, as a human being, I think the majority of us prefer to avoid surprises whenever necessary. If you need an example just think about Christmas when you were a kid and how you wanted to sneak out to the living room at 4AM to check the presents under the tree.

Shoot, I even remember trying to carefully untape on of the gifts, and unfortunately wasn’t skilled enough to re-package it to look like the original (yes, mom caught me).

But I digress, T-Mobile will nonetheless give their customers all the Caller ID service they want, for a whopping $4 a month, which totals to over $50 per year once you include additional taxes.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds outrageous to me. After all, that’s about what you would pay for mobile insurance coverage on a standard smartphone. Would you really want to pay double to get Caller ID too?

And what if you had the service installed, received a call, but the caller blocked their own number, then what?!

Photo Courtesy of mkenny
Photo Courtesy of jollyUK