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The Cyber War, 24,000 Files Stolen From Dept Of Defense!

A top Pentagon official said that an overseas intelligence agency stole 24,000 computer files in March from a defense contractor developing systems for the US military.

The Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn claimed that it was significant. It would help the DoD( Department of Defense ) to cover up the weak spots and make the system more immune to such further attacks.

Lynn said that “I don’t think it sets us back in terms of the development of the system but the cyber attack on the unidentified contractor had “compromised information.”

The stolen data was pretty large, some 24, 000 files and the DoD still doesn’t know who was it. The attacks were the latest on a US defense contractor but unquestionably not the largest ever. The foreign intelligence agencies and hackers are gravely targeting the US Defense Department and Defense agencies for five, six years now.

Looks like the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense are taking some serious measures to stop such data leaks and have developed a pilot program to share the classified information to better protect networks.

The results so far have been promising. It is apparent the U.S. military complex wants to shore up its network security.

Thanks to zdnet.com for providing the following steps, the DoD said it will do the following regarding its cyber defenses:
• Enhance “cyber hygiene best practices.”
Focus on insider threats via monitoring, workforce communications and accountability and information management.
• Deploy “an active cyber defense capability” to prevent intrusions.
• Develop new network architectures.

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