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LEAK: Apple Works On 3D Gesture Control Tech For iOS

Apple Inc. has filed a new patent for 3D gesture control with a physics metaphor control. Hopefully Apple is just experimenting with future technologies because I can’t imagine the iPhone 5 having NFC, 3D video recording, and virtually every ‘latest and greatest’ feature we’ve been learning about recently.

I mean, can’t a phone be *too powerful for its own good? Anyways, the developing technology was first reported as a patent leak and people suspect Apple will use this as some kind of tool for developers to better aid themselves in the workplace.

Think 3D gaming, and imagine a way to easily share and playback a conceptual 3D map for your friends and co-workers to view an collaborate?

If we stopped focusing on smartphones as an entertainment portal, and instead found more occupational applications, wouldn’t that give us more reason to sway one way or the other when it came to purchasing a new phone?

You bet it will, and if Apple wants to stay at the head of the pack, it’s going to have to do some digging for ways people can use the technology to aid how they work, not just how they play.

It will be very interesting to see how app developers integrated 3D gesture control technology into futuristic apps and may change how we use technology in our everyday lives. Just imagine your kids thinking you’re a newb for using a “2D gesture display”–which is what everybody currently uses!

Photo Courtesy of bfishadow
Photo Courtesy of unavoidable