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LEAK: Samsung Admire For MetroPCS W/ Gingerbread

Although we usually do not get good leaked photos, it looks like the person who took this photo wanted people to ADMIRE the entire package, rather than just the name.

The new Samsung Admire is an Android Gingerbread phone available exclusively for MetroPCS. Featuring an 800MHz processor and a 3.5″ display, this looks like one of the nicest phones you can get on the MetroPCS network.

The rear facing camera operates at 3.2 megapixels, providing modest picture quality, and is expected to launch around September. If it doesn’t look like a 4G phone, that’s because it isn’t and if you’re an enthusiast for data speeds, you may want to keep looking in the mobile department.

We are expecting this puppy to ship for around $149 with contract or around $550 without, just because you’re getting the latest version of Android along with a ‘snappy enough’ processor.

As always, we love to hear your thoughts so please ping us at facebook.com/techmento or send us a tweet @techmento. We look forward to hearing your opinions on this new gadget.

Photo Courtesy of androidcommunity

  • Caliboyreggie66

    I was on my new Samsung Admire phone about a week now,i was using the phone at 2 a.m.,and aught of a sudden i can see my touch features being used,right before my eyes,someone was controlling it!!At first,they were trying to get my location of were i was at,then trying to change my password.Can someone do that??And what can i do to stop it from happening again.