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MORIS iPhone App Uses Facial Recognition To Catch Suspects

The next time you think about doing something you should be doing, keep in mind that cops now have an app that integrates facial recognition technology while pulling up a person’s criminal record, all with the tap of a button.

The accessory is currently exclusively available for the iPhone and simply requires a photo of the persons phase or iris for identification purposes. Obviously, this app would only be helpful to catch criminals dumb enough not to wear a mask (but you’d be surprised of how many of those, there are).

The system is known as MORIS (Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System) and while the name sounds like a harmless co-worker at your job, it will likely be a criminal’s worst nightmare.

Without the app, a criminal can easily give a fake name, especially if he/she doesn’t have any formal ID, or if they carry warrants. But with this new technology, there won’t be very many places to hide, and it kind of makes you wonder if the app will lower crime on a national average.

If I had to guess, I would say that would take a couple of years before this technology spreads through word of mouth and perfects itself over upcoming updates. The facial recognition system relies on 130 attributes before making an identification and comes with a fingerprint scanner to be completely certain.

Police all over the country will be lining up to get an iPhone, no doubt.

Photo Courtesy of freefotouk
Photo Courtesy of yutaka