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Professors Focusing On Google+ As A Medium For Study

The previous attempts of Google at social networking (Google Buzz and Google Wave) failed to achieve the expected objectives; with other leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter and somewhat Orkut in the field, they needed to do better to survive.

Google’s most recent attempt, Google+, covered one major flaw of the other social networking sites and that is managing different groups with the same platform. This has made various professors to consider Google+ for connecting with their students.

Creating groups and then posting messages to them on Facebook is somewhat a pain. Groups of specific people on Google+ are called “circles” and in each circle there is a video chat option called “hangout” that can host ten people at a time and is a lot easier to start; best way so far on social networking sites to communicate. You can host a business meeting or a family gathering.

The teachers are considering making such circle for video lectures or group-studying. The teacher might split up the class in several circles (depending on class strength) and then they can “hangout”. It would be an proficient way to communicate efficiently with the students or colleges.

One teacher commented, “As a teaching tool, [Google+] intrigues me. I’m already planning on holding Hangout office hours this fall for students, where they can get on and ask questions about class material. And because it’s multi-user, others can hang out in the lounge and listen. Sometimes I go over the same stuff with multiple students in multiple meetings; this could streamline that process,” says one of the professors of Lehigh University (Bethlehem, Pa).

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