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Apple’s iOS 4.3.4 Fixes PDF Bug, Blocks Jailbreaking

Apple has just released a software update for iOS phones and tablets that fixes a serious vulnerability in the operating system in regards to the way PDF files handled fonts. The vulnerability included the potential of a malicious PDF file to sneak malware into the device.

Of course, before you hurry to update your iOS gadget, do note that the refresh also prevents hacking and jailbreaking. So, it’s kind of a double edged sword, and if jailbreaking means anything to you, you’ll stay away from this update and quit using PDFs all together.

If you don’t know what jailbreaking is, or you don’t give a darn about unlocking your iOS system to give you more options, you can go ahead and download the update through iTunes. Since the vulnerability affects PDF files, you won’t really need to update if you use your iOS gadget for some light e-mailing and video watching.

Unfortunately, all future updates will probably block you from unlocking your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, so now would be the time to consider selling your apple device and getting an Android tablet (you know, the ones that still let you root them?). Either way, the decision is up to you, and you can let us know what you decided at facebook.com/techmento.

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Photo Courtesy of jm